Interview with Rogério Martins

Interview with Rogério Martins with Label Manager // Piston Recordings & Cylinder Music.

Can it get any better? We are proud to do this Interview with Rogério Martins.

Interview with Rogério Martins.
Interview with Rogério Martins.

Piston Recordings reached its 10th birthday at the end of last year and now you’ve reached another milestone with 400 releases. How does that make you feel?

Ye(s), incredible stuff really. It makes me feel accomplished in a way, but on the other hand also much more responsible as the relevance of the label is considerable now.

You’ve had a prolific rise in the last few years especially, with a high amount of quality releases from both established names and people who haven’t been on your label before. What do you look for in music for your label? Do you consider Piston Recordings to have a particular style?

First of all the music I sign on the label has to mean something to me, it has to be something I would play out DJing. And yes, I think we have shaped out this particular style with our blend of House, Deep House and Tech House.

Where did the inspiration for the name of the label come from? Many people would associate the word “Piston” with Detroit, the home of techno. But is there more to it?

The name for Piston came with nothing related to Detroit, but eventually I can understand the link with Motor City. Being a sub-label of Bonzai Records – the big engine, Piston Recordings came as a important part of that engine, that constantly churns out smoking hot tunes!

Apart from running the label you’re also a well-established DJ and producer, with successful releases and remixes on other labels alongside your own. Do you see your artist career as its own thing? And do you have any personal goals you’d like to share?

I’ve been more focused on my artist career in the past to be honest. Nowadays my biggest priority is Piston Recordings. Obviously I still write some tunes here and there, and keep on DJing, which is my biggest love. Personally right now the only goal I would like to achieve would be a expansion of the label to a bigger crowd via constant showcases throughout the year.

Whether you’re willing to accept it or not, you’ve become a big name in the scene. When was the last time you got a little starstruck from someone in the world of house music?

It still happens a lot more than it should really … haha. I think last time I got really excited by meeting someone was Jaydee at ADE two years ago. To think of the influence Plastic Dreams had on me 25+ years ago, and it still is a great tune! Stood gracefully the test of time for sure. It’s incredible to achieve something like that.

If you’re not in the office, studio or at home – where’s the most likely place you would be?

If it’s summer, it has to be at the beach. Portugal is sunny for 9 months of the year, plus being born and raised in a seaside town makes it a cultural thing. Everyone here does the same!

And finally: who is your favourite Star Wars character and why?

Well, I didn’t saw this one coming…! Ah! Star Wars is great, it’s been with me all of my life, and although I’m not a hardcore fan (trust me, there’s a lot more people worst than me) I do like it a lot and have watched all movies over and over again, especially the first trilogy. With that being said, and knowing the fact that is impossible to pick one character out, I must say I liked Rogue One a lot and especially Chirrut Imwe. It embodied perfectly what I believe is the true Jedi spirit. Speaking of that, I think I need to watch this one again… maybe today?!

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