Interview with Frikardo (Sundries Label)

Interview with Frikardo (Sundries Label) Elista – RUSSIA.

The vinyl & digital label Sundries just released DC22.

Interview with Frikardo (Sundries Label) // Elista - RUSSIA.
Interview with Frikardo (Sundries Label) // Elista – RUSSIA.

Interview with Frikardo and why he released a new DC22 EP on the Sundries label, can you tell us a little about that?

My EP is consisting of two tracks with different vibes but both of them represent my vision and style of house music which I’m trying to bring.
The A side “DC22” is more deeper groove with bouncy rhythm and kind of psychedelic sound cuts.
On flip side you will find the track “Chance”, for which I used a sample from a Yugoslavian disco track, one of my favourite. Track’s have a little bit of dirty lo-fi feel I used in this production.

You’ve been producing for many years, do you have secrets when working with sounds?

I have been started to producing music from 2004. Going from Hip Hop,Drum and Bass to house and back. Hip Hop had main influence on my production, that is the reason why sampling is my weapon of choice.

Nice, tell us a bit more about sampling to spice up our Interview with Frikardo.

I like to use technique what I call micro chop looping and layering. I cut short 2-4 bar loop from a sample track, then cut sounds in pieces and record new loop of these sample cuts. Then re-sample that loop and cut again. Sounds like loop inception. Winks
After that process I use multiple loops to layer them on different channels and frequencies.
In that way I get a whole new interesting spectrum of sounds.

What stuff do you use, any tips here?

I’m working with NI Maschine, MIDI controller and Ableton.
Maschine I love to use for making drums and sampling, which I record in Ableton. For bass sounds I mainly use the Massive plugin when I don’t sample the bass. These are my main tools for productions.

Tell us two different ways on how the creative process goes when it comes to making a new track.

I like to work on music alone in a dark room, mostly early in morning and late night is time when I’m in that mood and most creative.
When I was seriously pursuing songwriting, I had my headphones all the time, playing everything from Jazz to the Indie Rock to HipHop – exposing myself to all kinds of music at all hours.
Usually when I know exactly what I’m going to do, I work around samples first and then get some ideas for rhythm and bass. Sometimes when I’m in the mood for making music but not have particular idea, I start to play with the keyboard on some abstract sound and often end up with some experimental and ambient track like this one on Soundcloud.

What do you like in your own music?

I like that moment of transforming an old sound in to a new one, with using as many as possible elements from one sample. On the other hand I like dynamics and changes in my tracks, I tend not to be repetitive, to play one loop bar throughout the whole track.

Any plans on new music?

I plan a lot releases for this year as Frikardo. With my friend Igor Gonya right now we are preparing something for a new house project which will soon be announced.
Also working on slow-tempo house album which I plan to release myself for free on my own Bandcamp.
This year I’m launching a new project with my friend who is a vocalist. It’s called Flying Mode and it’s a vocal chill left-field oriented project.

Anything you would like to say?

2018 is going to be exciting with a whole bunch of new music, so better watch the spaces on our networks.