Interview with Driss Capone // Stab Recordings.

Belgian based Driss Capone takes us into the phatness to eleven with bass hooks and crazy melodies. We had an interview with Driss Capone, someone that is fresh to the scene. With his latest EP Hype Groove on Stab Recordings, we gave Driss a few wings to start his career as musician with a debut on our label.

We had an Interview with Driss Capone. (BE)

Interview with Driss Capone
Interview with Driss Capone aka Dries Capon, img source: facebook.

How have you developed your career? Who are your biggest influences?

Music had influenced me pretty early on, I was 6 when I started classic violin and kept this up for 7 years. After the violin period I started learning myself some piano, meanwhile collecting my first house tracks. My good friend Rahzerr (Thomas Raes) noticed I needed something to capture my ideas, for wich I still thank him regularly.

My first house tunes were mostly jazz-house mixed with a little balkan influences here and there. But as you go along I felt like getting closer to the core of this scene. That’s about the moment I first heard Kerri Chandler’s work. From that point on allmost all of the house was good house to me. Especially the tech-house sounds of Darius Syrossian, Josh Butler, Sidney charles, etc. It really felt like I was getting closer to the core of it. 🙂

Allways having open ears to my musical mentor, minimal/Deep Tech kept creeping into my music; I could go on about this for a while .. 😛

What are your favourite record labels?

Favorite record labels is a tough one, I just like so much, okay i’ll keep it simple, let’s name three, to give a general idea 😛 : Nervous, Snatch and obviously Stab Recordings ❤ ❤ ❤

Can you tell us more about how you make music?

The process of making music can really differ for me, as i’m in a couple of live projects too: there’s a place where I work together with a friend (Senne Coppens), we try to incorporate as much live elements as possible, altough the set-up is quite basic there: a good micro, drumcomputer and a sampler (and obviously ableton + midi), then there’s our free party concept, ran by me and Niels Cardon (Neelus & Deerus), wich is a fully analog concept bringing wild acid sounds and powerfull kicks. Also i’m in a liveset project with Pol Vijverman & Klaas Bombeke, although we have loads of material, we haven’t really settled on a name, but all of that’s coming along.

These all inspire me on the daily, but my setup for music I make on my own is simple: a laptop, headphones and the occasional switch to speakers is all I need to make a track.

Which song of yours are you most proud of and why?

As every musician does, I don’t like my latest release that much anymore. I hear mostly things that I would have done different, especially with the sounds i’m working on right now. but if I had to choose, The Shakedown or Hype Groove’s intro are a winner for me😛

Name one location where you’d love to perform and why?

I really like belgium, as a country to party in, I guess if i’m allowed to go crazy: Iceland by night or a Costa Rica beach 😀 actually scrap that: any beach would be lovely!

What can we expect in the future?

For the future: well as i’m studying, right now i’m taking it easy. I’m working on new projects, allways have one or 2I feel good enough about to release. But I guess i’ll keep it up, as this tempo is pretty ok to me.

I’m also throwing some parties with my friends. small scale but fun, this summer. I have a lot of luck with my mates as they’re pretty good at the organising part of it, also they have given me oppurtunities to show my music and would want to thank once again: Ludger en Pol, but also Steve Reznik, Kajan and whoever hooked me up with a ‘gig’. Thank you guys so much!

From left to right:  Pol Vijverman, Bram Haentjes and Dries Capon.
From left to right: Pol VijvermanBram Haentjes and Dries Capon.

Favorite drink and studio gear?

No beers I assume. Well if there’s no money or effort limits? Hit me up with the Long Island Ice Tea and my trusty roland Aira System 1!

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