Interview with Ki Yera from Kiev.

We had an Interview with Ki Yera from Kiev, real name Kristina Yaroshenko. After winning a DJ Battle in 2007, she was invited to another musical battle in Greece that resulted in a dj set at Bora Bora Club in Ibiza.

We had an Interview with Ki Yera, real name Kristina Yaroshenko  From Kyiv, Ukraine.
We had an Interview with Ki Yera, real name Kristina Yaroshenko From Kyiv, Ukraine.

First, we want to thank KI Yera to take time for an Interview from us. How have you developed your career?     

It’s a long story. My musical taste began to form in a childhood with the immersions in father’s cassette music collection. Eventually, life with music led me to a singer and DJ career very soon.

After winning a DJ Battle in 2007, I was invited to a Festival and DJ Competition in Greece. Taking another prize in Greece I got an invitation to play a special set in the world famous Bora Bora club in Ibiza.

In 2010, I made the debut as a singer with two amazing house singles and blew up national dance and radio charts. At the same time, I  toured as a DJ via clubs in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece and other places in Europe and Asia. After the presentation of the third single I performed my records in Crimea on the turntables of Kazantip Festival. As a next step, my own radio show Gold Fever on DJ FM was set in motion in 2012.

Currently, my tracks are performed by DJs around the world, I’m releasing them on European and American labels, alongside with stars like Carl Cox, John Aquaviva, DJ Pierre, Gene Farris, Oliver Giacomotto, Sonny Fodera, Robbie Riviera and many others.

The first day of the conference done , the city is black and yellow, met a lot of djs & sound producers from different countries) it’s #ade2019
The first day of the conference done, the city is black and yellow, met a lot of djs & sound producers from different countries) it’s #ade2019 (Post from Facebook)

Who are your biggest influences?

My sounds are influenced with old school house, techno, electro and acid as well as modern deep sound.        

What are your favorite record labels?

I like the tech-house sounds of Stab Recordings, the Family Piknik Label and their forthcoming Festival for this year.  CTS records is my home label and studio. Also I do love the sound of Axis , Drumcode, Warp records .

Can you tell us more about how you make music?

For my productions I mainly use Logic and I prefer the soft synth  emulations of Access Virus, Roland (Love TB-303), Yamaha and Moog synthesizers. The important part of my sound is professional mixing and mastering.

Which song are you most proud of and why?

The latest one. My new track “Coming Down” which is coming out on Family Piknik Music in February 2020. It is a powerful, fresh, modern and sexy cut of  Techno supplemented with  my original vocals as always. I’ve decided to illustrate it with a funny video where  I tend to play the first role.  

Name one location where you’d love to perform and why?

I hope one time I will see my name in the line-up of Kappa Futur Festival. Nice style, great location and audience.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced with a fan?

There are always many positive things on this side 😉 , I’m always happy to have a good connection with everybody.

What can we expect in the future?

At the moment I’m working on a remix for Canadian Dj & Producer Claudio Ferrone and also on my own new production. So the answer is new nice tunes.

Favorite drink and equipment?

The Cuba Libre. As a singer I like the Neumann 149 microphone, it always opens all the colors of my voice.

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