Infinity free compressor vst – Download.

Infinity Free Mastering VST Compressor
The Infinity mastering compressor, a new way of class-A audio compression by Frederick Alonso.

The Infinity free compressor vst

Our Infinity free compressor vst has been downloaded 185k times since its launch in 2015!

The strength of this compressor lies partly in parallel multi-compression in combination with low tones selection (Sub frequencies). The audio becomes more dynamic and has a warm rounded tone which occurs with analog audio transformers as well. If used correct you can get more punch in the bottom end while keeping focus in the mids. Tube saturation can be added on top of high frequencies to give more sparkle and bite.

For fine tuning you can hold down shift while tuning with your mouse.

Infinity free compressor vst is not just another compressor.

I diy a lot in my free time, so I programmed the infinity like I would build one in analog components and circuit.

Donations are needed.

The time and struggle to bring it on 64 bit Windows and Mac should need a little help from you: Read why here.

If you like the plugin feel free to donate a few dollars and help me to get a Juce C++ Developer License.

Donate and get your name here + get all future plugins and audio packs for free!

Special thanks to donators Patrick Fahrngruber, Craig Monroe, Jonas Jadeborn, Eric Dior, Alexander Hoffmann, Leo Peire and the smaller 1$ donations.

How to download?

Simply enter your name and email and hit that download button. We will send you a small reminder once the 64bit plugin version is out on both Windows and Mac.

Enjoy this free compressor vst by Frederick Alonso. 🙂

Kick Off Your Next
Tune With A FREE
Mastering Compressor
& Color Unit.

Few tips:

Use the Original knob to blend the Wet and Dry signal.

Don’t use too much Drive and Tube in a mastering session.

Use the Sweetness knob to find that sweet spot between Lo and Hi.

In this video I found the right spot on that Kick drum 😉


Computer Music

Infinity plugin in Computer Music Magazine! #frederikalonso #threegreatfreemasteringco
 #computermusic #stabrecordings
My DIY mini tube preamps, later on I used Lundahl output transformers behind these little monsters…

28 replies on “Infinity free compressor vst – Download.”

You downloaded the 32 bit plugin and I have your email address, once I release the 64 bit version I will send out an email to everyone that has downloaded or subsribed for the Infinity. At this moment I have a running 64 bit development version in Rackafx C++ but it’s not compatible with MAC so I will try something else first.

Engineers that develop? Could be great to get some help. Few bugs keep grabbing all my free time at this moment. A developer at Melda Productions (they make vst’s) told me I will get not much help because it’s a booming business where money comes first.

Maybe you did not enter all fields correctly, I did not found your email address that you wrote this comment with. Try again 😉

I know that it’s time consuming to make great products and that time is money as well. Especially when it’s a free product.
I would be the same about it. Just want it to work as it should before releasing it. Wouldn’t be very satisfied myself with releasing a buggy product.
I would like to donate but I don’t have a job at the moment. Got so many great free plugins and samples. I feel kind of ashamed not being able to give something back to the community at the moment.
But it is what is 🙂

Nice words and I do not bother that much about it, it’s free after all and took me many hours to make in 2014. The knobs alone where one week work to get them as real as possible 🙂

Yes Bandon, if you had followed my instagram you might have seen a few 64bit infinity posts. I will drop it on this page as well so everyone knows.

By the way: I updated the infinity.dll 32bit version to a V2 instead of V1. Fixed a few small issues and the plugin is more stable in much more CPU friendly 😀
All downloads now get the V2 version 😉

Good point, I did a few tweaks on the page to make it more visible. Just enter your email and name and after submitting you get a download link under the button 😉

To make something clear, the 64bit version is forthcoming. Anyway all donations are very welcome and once I have my developer license to release with the Juce C++ framework, there will be new vst’s following up much faster. I have a few synths as well in development for myself at this moment. Also I think about putting audio packages online to generate some income for the labels I run and to speed up things. But as always it all takes time to make.

I really love this plugin, sounds great indeed.
Sounds a bit like the sonnox limiter and you can really push the limits. On synths, vocals and drums I was really surpriced by this vst. Looking forward for the 64 bit version! Thanks for this free plugin!

You get it, I also used this sonnox before and usually I only use Ableton build in plugins together with the Infinity 😛

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