Interview with Jakhira.

We had an Interview with Jakhira (Stab Recordings, Be Adult, Nyon Records).

I’m Jakhira, a thirtysomething walking multinational with a love for beer and castles and the ability to write, produce and mix music in an ok fashion. I suppose the particular pigeon hole suiting what I make and play would be deep house, but I see it as my own thing really. My radio show ‘Unconditional’ for instance is quite dreamy, with lots of melancholy and an ethnic approach to the sound palate.

Interview with Jakhira.
Interview with Jakhira.

How have you developed your career?

As a teenager I started to make my own tracks and play some records here and there.
When I felt comfortable with the quality of my productions I started to send them to labels I like.
Then some labels asked me for stuff and it snowballed from there. I did quite a lol for Bonzai Music which is how I stepped over to Piston Recordings, which they own and I now consider home.

Who are your biggest influences?

Dr. Dre is the sole reason I wanted to make my own music. Particularly what he was doing in the early nineties, when I was about 10. I had a cheap Casio keyboard. But whilst listening to The Chronic and Snoop’s Doggystyle album I thought to myself:

“my keyboard doesn’t have these sounds, how do I make this?”

What are your favourite record labels?

In no particular order: Freerange Records, Lost My Dog, Buzzin’ Fly, Amenti Music, Lazy Days Recordings, Nordic Trax, Heist Recordings, All Day I Dream, Naked Music, Shanti Radio Moscow.. sadly they’re not all still going though.

Can you tell us more about how you make music?

I use Ableton Live 10 and a ton of plugins. I don’t really sample anything ever, though I have nothing against those who do, within reason. But mostly I just do whatever feels right in the moment.

Which song of yours are you most proud of and why?

It’s not quite out yet, but I have one coming soon called ‘Sunseeker’. It has a lot going on, probably enough for two different tracks. But that’s how I felt it so I fought the urge to strip it down.

Name one location where you’d love to perform and why?

India – I have a deep love for the country and their culture.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced with a fan?

Someone once told me they named their pet hamster after me, which was nice. Other than that they’re quite normal and kind.

What can we expect in the future?

More tasty treats and collaborations with some pretty cool people.